The Incompleat Angler Elsewhere

The Incompleat Angler doesn’t restrict his babbling to this little blog, oh no. Over the years I’ve contributed writing to the UK angling press as well as a number of other online blogs. I’ve also helped to create a number of fishing videos. I’ll try to make as much of this content available as possible via this page. Follow the links below for more on the stories. For larger and more readable versions of the images just click on them. Thanks!

High Altitude Trout: Sellfish Media Video
Richard Chapman and I set off on an adventure in the the heart of the Lake District in the north of England to attempt to catch the highest altitude trout in the UK, with spectacular results…

High Speed Trout: Fishing Britain Video
I had a blast filming this piece with Hywel Morgan! How long does it take to tie a fly and catch a fish under pressure? A lot less time if you don’t lose your marbles…

Dry Fly in the Midlands: Fishing Britain Video
A short video filmed on the river Dove in Derbyshire. It was a real struggle to work out exactly what they were taking off the top that day, there were certainly more refusals than takes!

Slovenia Awaits: Total Flyfisher Magazine

A trip to Slovenia to explore some of the lesser known rivers, which resulted in some of the most amazing fly fishing I have ever experienced – including a nearly 7lb chub on a fly! Sometimes it pays to listen to your guide and take a walk on the wild side – this is an article and a week I’ll never forget!

Your Earliest Dry Fly Season Yet: Trout Fisherman Magazine

I give my fullest and most frank advice on how to tackle early season freestone trout – you’ll need a tent, a Kelly Kettle, some serious resolve and a dollop of luck – but you might catch yourself the fish of a lifetime!

Florence’s Fly Fishing Secret: Fieldsports Magazine

An adventure in suburban Florence leads to the capture of a lifetime for one lucky angler, but can he land a fish that’s bigger than he is?

The Slovenia You Haven’t Heard Of: Trout Fisherman Magazine
Slovenia has long been regarded as one of the finest European game angling destinations but beyond the big name rivers like the Soca and Idrijca there is so much water that flies totally under the radar. Will Robins and I went in search of the Slovenia you haven’t heard of….

Big Cat Hunting, Italian Style: Trout Fisherman Magazine
This was a really fun assignment and adventure in the heart of one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. How quickly can an angler learn to catch a fish he has never even seen before? The Wels Catfish probably hasn’t ever been regarded as a classic game fish – until now!

Of Tubes & Express Trains: Trout Fisherman Magazine
Pike fishing with fly kit has been a real passion of mine for a few years now. Learning how to hunt big pike by design was a great adventure, designing new flies and working out how to fish them led to some amazing results!

Foam? Subtle? Surely Not?: Trout Fisherman Magazine
You never stop learning new tricks and gaining new knowledge in fishing. Could flies designed in the back country of New Zealand work in the Derbyshire Dales?

Not Your Typical Fishery: Trout Fisherman Magazine
Way back when I was involved in the conception of one of a stillwater trout fishery in the Midlands, and it certainly isn’t your typical fishery!

Late Season Lessons: Fin & Fly Online Magazine (external link)
Catching big Grayling to order in the Derbyshire Dales

A Hidden Gem – Eat, Sleep, Fish online Magazine
We took time out to discover one of Slovenia’s less well known but possibly most beautiful alpine trout streams.

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