The International Incompleat Angler – big news!

Today is an exciting day for the Incompleat Angler as I am proud to finally be able to announce that on Monday 29th December I’ll be flying off to join the fishing guiding team at the incredible Desroches Island resort in the Seychelles!


Having been approached a few months ago by the resort I have had to be extra patient as all the customary red tape was dealt with but today finally I received my e-ticket and can start to get excited about a new life at one of the world’s finest resorts. A land of sand and sea and Giant Trevally seems an awful long way away from the crisp blanket of snow outside my window right now but it’s been on my mind for a few months and I can’t wait to get going.

It’s a huge change for me after nearly three years in London and I’m sure that readjusting my lifestyle while moving away to a new place to start a new job is going to present a multitude of challenges, but for me these challenges are the ones that make life so exciting – I seem to spend most of my life in at the deep end so this isn’t a new situation for me!


It was a real wrench to leave Farlows and London but this really is an opportunity that is too good to pass up and at this point in my life I really feel like I need to do something a bit more incredible. I’ve spent more hours than I’d like to admit watching footage of folks fishing in the Seychelles and wondered if I might ever be able to spend some time there but never in my wildest dreams imagined I might be able to eek a living out of guiding on the beautiful blue sand flats – this really is a dream come true! Huge thanks to all the guys at Farlows for their patience, help and advice, they really are an epic bunch of people!


Quite what it means for the blog I’m not sure yet. I know Internet access is fairly limited so perhaps I might not be able to waffle as regularly as I have done in the last few months but as long as folks keep reading I’ll do my best to keep writing it. The trout and grayling fans out here might not appreciate it quite as much for the foreseeable future but hopefully pictures of bonefish,  permit,  GT and all manner of other species will make up for it!

The next time I write a post on this blog I’ll be thousands of miles away from here, away from the snow and the cold, away from my amazing mates and family, away from trout, away from perch and pike. Away from the river Dove and the canals and the comfort of the life I’ve got right now

In the deep end and out of my comfort zone. This is the next chapter in the story of an Incompleat Angler


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2 thoughts on “The International Incompleat Angler – big news!

  1. good on ya Andy ! my best in everything for your new adventure !

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  2. Wow amazing. Good luck Andy!

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