One Compleat Year

Well, the exact date escaped me but earlier WordPress saw fit to remind me that it’s been just over a year since the Incompleat Angler Blog came in to existence – we’ve had a little birthday! Like any other annual event this one has given me a chance to reflect a little on the last twelve months – and crikey what a time it has been.

Roughly this time last year I was sat having Sunday lunch with my sister at The Wandle pub (where else) in Earlsfield, South west London. What I was hoping would be a relaxing afternoon catching up turned in to a two hour pressure cooker of questions about why I didn’t have a blog and that I needed a platform to create and publish my own writing rather than just talk about it like I had for years. In fact, come to think of it this is all her fault.

Had I have known what the next year held ahead of me I would have begun creating a novel rather than a blog. I lurched from the comfort of a really great job at Farlows in London to taking the job in The Seychelles via an unexpected two month wait for a work visa and then ended up back home two months in to a two year contract! There’s no two ways about it the whole situation was very frustrating and I really do miss the friends I made while I was on the island. Still, I regard myself as having been fortunate to have spent the time that I did there and hell, I caught a Permit!


The most exciting eight weeks of my life - thanks guys!

So there I was, back in the UK, no job, not a lot of money, no plan. So I went fishing, lots. I spent some time down in Wales fishing for epic brownies early season and landed my biggest wild brownie from the UK which was made all the more awesome by having a great fishing buddy there too. Speaking of fishing buddies, I managed to coax one out where there may not have been one before though I’ve not managed to convince her to don the waders again….yet.


The girl can fish!

A large part of the last few months was spent looking for a job but in truth nothing came up that I really wanted to throw myself at. In the end I decided that if I couldn’t find the job that I was looking for then maybe I need to create that job for myself, which brings me very nicely to where I am today – working hard on a new plan that I’m really excited about and looking forward to sharing with the world as soon as possible.

It’s been a year of change – unsettled, uncomfortable and sometimes without direction. The only two constants throughout have been my absolute desire to spend as much of my time as possible doing what I love and sharing those experiences with you via this little blog. Sometimes I’m not sure if writing the blog is the proverbial cart or the horse in the process but it seems to work out in the end.


Therapy amongst friends

I need to take a moment to thank everybody who has taken time out of their lives to have a glance at the Incompleat Angler. I really enjoy all the comments, suggestions and even the criticisms – as long as folks are participating it’s all good! I’m full of hope and anticipation for the twelve months ahead and what excites me even more is getting to share in these adventures with you guys, it’s so much fun!

Thanks again for all the support and here’s to a great second year for the Incompleat Angler – I’m certain that the adventure has only just begun!



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